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Orisson is a common stopping point for pilgrims wishing to split the walk over the pass into more manageable sections.


If you arrive here late in the day don’t just pass on by. Drop in and inquire about the weather, and if you choose to continue on make it clear to somebody that you are doing so. If it is anywhere near nightfall (within 6 hours), consider changing your plans to stay on this side of the pass.

Last minute reservations in Orisson, as well as the Borda albergue 1.5km further up the road, are difficult to achieve. An alternative is to a dangerous crossing is to return to Saint Jean via taxi, and to return the same way to Orisson the following morning.

WARNING: Fill up your water here. There is no guarantee of a water supply beyond this point. You are advised to take at least 2 liters with you.

Accommodation in Orisson
Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Refuge Orisson


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Popular spot for a break - indeed, last toilet until Roncisvalles. Prices are quite greedy, I managed to get espresso and a banana for two euros and that was great; not worth breaking the bank for a bocadillo.
Personally I don't think it's worth breaking the trip to stay here - the part afterwards is much harder!

All Caminos App User (not verified)

Staying here really set a good mood to begin your journey. 11 days out and I still see people from that first night. We check in on each and it’s a good sense of community. Be sure to get the dessert with the pilgrim lunch :-)

Camino de Sant…

I’m planning on starting from SJPP in mid September- how busy are the routes to Roncesvalley and do u need to book accommodation in Orisson?

Camino de Sant…

This is the last toilet / rest room till Roncesvalles so best plan your rest stops

Camino de Sant…

They take reservations online now and starting November 16 they will take reservations for 2020!

Camino de Sant…

Stopping here is a must, as trying to do Roncesvalles in one day can kill your camino just as you're starting out. It's also a great albergue, very friendly owners, vegetarian dinners on request, and the view from their patio is stunning. The only drawback is that breakfast is only at 7.30, which prevents an early start.

Camino de Sant…

Six weeks ago I stopped for a coffee and something to eat. Already the place was full of young healthy looking walkers. It is a shame that older, less able pilgrims have to walk the full distance to Roncesvalles because they do not have the option of staying at Orisson.
Orisson should give priority to older pilgrims rather than well off young fit walkers.
Having said that, Orisson is run as a business rather than a true pilgrim refuge.the prices charged underline that fact.

Camino de Sant…

Lovely place, amazing stuff, amazing view, delicious food.
Can't recommend enough!

Camino de Sant…

IFriendly staff, clean facilities, and meet lots is new Camino friends. As of June 9 2021 it is easy to get a reservation, even same day, since less people are hiking due to ongoing COVID restrictions.

Camino de Sant…

Hi can anyone tell me what breed of cattle we passed along the Napoleon route to prison? Random I know but I cannot find the answer anywhere
Thank you