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Puerta del Monte, 3
09110 Burgos

+34 947 568 952
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All Caminos App User (not verified)

Lovely place to stay, has a shaded garden area out front and as your not on street level has a great view. Room was comfortable, very clean with a good shower & I borrowed a fan for the night. It’s close to the Pharmacy & small supermarket. Well worth the stay.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

The man at the bar is very rude because we dont understand Spanish but he cant speak English or Afrikaans so maybe we should shout at him like he did with us!

Camino de Sant…

Very helpful hosts, great double room.
Bar courtyard area great spot has our recommendation.

Camino de Sant…

Good, clean single room, on the smallish side, but fine. Helpful staff. There are some Google Maps review excoriating the food, but not my experience at all -- I had a fine pilgrim's menu which I thoroughly enjoyed. Hard to tell what this place (and others) would be like in the absence of COVID, with now some areas blocked off, no service on the terrace, etc. Everyone is trying their best in a difficult situation.