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The camino follows the calle Oriente through Castrojeriz, a deceptively long journey. All three of its churches are worth a visit, and a hike to the ruins of the castle provide a view of the surrounding land that is paralleled only by the climb out of town.

Most pilgrim related services can be found along the calle Oriente, but the pharmacy and the larger groceries are closer to the main road. 

Also along the Oriente is the Hospital del Alma; part art gallery and part meditation space and exactly where you want to go if you seek a bit a peace and quite.

In the main square is a small pilgrim shop, one of the last of its kind. The owner is quite a character and has managed to keep up with the times, trading the usual small village wares for the type of high-tech gear that modern pilgrims are looking for.

On the way out of town is the Bar Lagar, named for the well-preserved grape press sitting in the center. Check it out for a glimpse of how things were once done.


San Juan is celebrated on the 24th of June.  Other fiestas on the 25th and 26th of November for Santa Catalina.


The houses along the road were built with an unseen secret, that of a tunnel which runs the length of the town and which connects the cellars. Apart from being the private property of the homeowners, its exploration is hampered by the construction of concrete dividing walls; a civil war era safety measure to preserve one’s well being. The town was, and still is, passionately divided. That won’t stop you from enjoying the charm it puts out for pilgrims.

The Road

The road ahead climbs up and over the Alto de Mostelares. There is not much shade to be had between here and the crossing into Palencia.


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Albergue Rosalia is very clean and cozy space. Really nice welcome and very professional relationship with pilgrims. I recommend.

Camino de Sant…

This place was amazing, everything was perfect, for me was one of the best hotels in the whole Camino Frances

Camino de Sant…

Unfortunately closed at the time I was there (11 40am). Seems like they might only open for mass (7pm each day, except Sunday 1pm)

Camino de Sant…

We stayed at La Rinconada just as you arrive. Comfortable, smaller rooms. Wifi and mobile signal were poor, not that this was a crisis…no work to do! Castrojeriz seemed a bit strange from a restaurant point of view with a bunch of them closed. At the end we had pizza and paella at the bar 100m from La Rinconada. Very hospitable.

Camino de Sant…

D hospitalero is very accomodating. Has a welcome smile and watermelon to boot. For once real beds not bunks. Real sheets not paper. Only 5 to a room. Not crowded. I will sleep well tonight

Camino de Sant…

would recommend! so cute well worth 13 euro :) so helpful and gave everyone watermelon and water when we arrived. Hospitalero noticed I looked tired and let me check in early :) Also: single beds not bunk beds!

Camino de Sant…

One of my best stays so far and can highly recommend. Clean, airy hostel with garden area. Thanks to Sam who diverted off of the lunch menu to make me a avocado, pesto and mozzarella sandwich! Optional communal dinner is a South Korean dish which is superb. Vegan and vegetarian also catered for. Great company and chats at dinner. Another nice touch is that they didn’t shove us all in one room, which they could have easily done. Due to the heat, they spread us out so we had some space and air! Hand washing or laundry service available.

Camino de Sant…

This used to be my favorite albergue on the Camino. Over five Caninos I stayed here, last in 2018. Come back and everything is down. The nice back area is now covered, the fireplace gone, and where I spent a few nights playing guitar is now a „please be quiet after dinner“ sign. The donativo kitchen costs 1€ per 10m use, no more donations items, and a mediocre pilgrim menu instead. No Diet Coke in the machine, because screw Diabetics, let them drink water.

The hospitaera is grumpy. When I got there in years prior it was with a smile, a watermelon slice, and some ice cold water. Now it’s an aggressive „passport!!!!“ and that’s it.

Total shame.

Camino de Sant…

This is by far the most amazing accommodation on the Camino. Eva the manager is amazing, she’s on top of everything you may need and more, they offer the most beautiful garden to rest along with cold pool for your feet, perfect after your walking on the Camino, also spa facility (free of charge) with sauna, Turkish bath (steam room), hot chairs to relax. The hotel have a restaurant with great food made to order what more can you ask after long day. Rooms are extremely clean and occupied with everything you need. So great after long day of walking. I will give this place 5 stars.
I Would suggest this place to everyone even if not walking the Camino. Yes it little pricey but for all what it’s included it actually more then worse it. Great job guys. Bravo and Bouen Camino.


Stayed here in September 2020 and returned in September 2021, very nice staff, pleasant communal evening meal, recommended. One room opposite the bar has people talking but i didn't think that too bad, this happens in lots of places. Nice place.