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El Acebo

Manjarín wins the prize for the least inhabited inhabited town on the whole of the camino. Exactly one person lives here year round, joined occasionally by friends and pilgrims.

His name is Tómas, and he holds himself to be the last of the Knights Templar. No services beyond a cup of cowboy coffee from Tómas and his animal-pen-turned-refugio for pilgrims.

The Road

There are a few stretches of road ahead, just before arriving in Acebo, that are rugged and slippery in wet weather.

City Map


Camino de Sant…

Refreshments available
A lovely fire greeted us today. We sat by the fire in a super shelter with lovely views. Drinking hot coffee with pilgrims from around the world.

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Coffeeplace in a caravan on the top of the mountain. Run by a very nice lady - serves toast, coffee, cake, juice, water

Camino de Sant…

If you’re used to stopping for some coffee or a stamp, Tomas has closed the refugio for renovations. Next town is Acebo.

Camino de Sant…

The path after Mandarin and all the way into Acebo is rugged, rocky, and very steep. Also leaving Riego de Ambros is even worse. Some people walk on the highway, which is also dangerous.