Camino Frances

Manjarín → 6.80 → El Acebo → 3.40km → Riego de Ambrós

To end of camino

Acebo is a typical mountain village, with rickety wooden balconies suspended over the road. All stone construction and slate roofs are common, the slate coming from a quarry not far off.


This mountain pass was maintained by the villagers of both Acebo and Foncebadón. They installed several hundred stakes to mark the way during heavy snowfall. For their efforts they received an exemption from the tax man.

The Road

You will first make sight of Acebo (from holly, as in the hardy evergreen shrub) as you descend from above. It is a single road town and typical of the area.


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There’s an alternative set of caminos (non Jacobean I think) that go into the montes de leon. Recommend the Valle del silencio route starting in El Acebo, spending the night in the albergue in the abandoned monastery san pedro De Montes, then continuing to ponferrada. Caution - some routes are much more hiking trails than full blown pedestrian paths, but you can always choose to go by road if you’re not a hiker).


Stayed at La Casa del Peregrinos September 2021. Cost €57 for myself and my wife for bed, breakfast and 3 course evening meal, with wine. It is very clean, the staff are friendly and the views are spectacular. Has to be one of the best stops on the Camino.


La Rosa del Agua - first bar on left as you enter town. The empanadas are fantastic (beef and tuna)! And the big salad, a god-send. If you’re wanting some vegetables, the salad is the best I’ve had since entering Spain - mache, spinach, frisée, strawberries, onion, clementine, cashew, almond, walnut, sunflower seeds, tuna, avocado. A true big salad - fresh and filling. (8 April 2022) The owner is a Texan, and told us to mention he’s handsome.


Great bar on the left as you enter town. The owner is from Texas and super friendly. Tortilla and empanadas were very good


Good bar, average dormitorio