Camino del Norte

→ 5.40 → La Espasa → 1.80km → La Isla

To end of camino

La Espasa is essentially just a beach with a couple of restaurants along the promenade, as well as a public restroom and a kids park (in case you were looking for a flying fox).


The town of La Isla sits to the north of the N-632, and the camino does not technically pass through town. From the albergue in La Isla it is possible to get to Colunga via a coastal path that takes you through Güerres. Inquire at the albergue for more information.

The Road

The camino follows the beach here, at the far end of which is a bar and public restroom. Beyond that the camino crosses a small river and follows along the N-632.

At this point the camino follows along the N-632, leaving it on several occasions for safety but always returning to it.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Very nice and clean, common dinner and breakfast is included. Very kind lady. Donativo.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Stay in Duesos if you can! 611-688-162 Worth the little detour to stay at a brand new albergue for pilgrims by pilgrims.