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Not quite on the camino, but not quite off it either.


The town of La Isla sits to the north of the N-632, and the camino does not technically pass through town.

From the albergue in La Isla it is possible to get to Colunga via a coastal path that takes you through Güerres. Inquire at the albergue for more information.

The Road

At the start of La Isla, which itself sits at the edge of the camino, the camino turns left off the N-632 to follow a quiet road through a number of small hamlets. It rejoins the N-632 at the entrance to Colunga.

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Very nice environment, well equipped, wonderful owners … it is worth to walk 1 km off the Camino route to Duesos.

Camino de Sant…

I am so glad I spotted this. You should add it to your list. Great place to stay, clean, lovely pilgrim meal.

Camino de Sant…

It He is a fantastic Alberghini one of the best that I have experienced over the course of five Camino’s. Everything that other people have said is 100% accurate. The welcome the facilities friendliness all true.

Camino de Sant…

The albergue at Duesos might be the best albergue on the del Norte route. This is what the Camino spirit is all about. The hostess is very kind and caring to pilgrims. She even washed and dried our laundry for us. The dorm is spacious, the two bathrooms are very contemporary and clean. Dinner and breakfast are part of the donativo cost. When the host is giving this much care and services to pilgrims, please give generously.

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611-688-162 STAY IN DUESOS right before La Isla. You won’t regret it. Just take a left down into Duesos and look for the pilgrim flag. Two former peregrinos moved from Madrid and built an amazing albergue with everything a pilgrim wants: Warm shower, free laundry, a hot family-style meal, free water and tea, and comfy beds. Call ahead if you can because there are only 12 beds. Brand new amazing place.

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Really friendly, really quiet, hot showers, comfy beds, clothes washed. A delightful experience!

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Camino de Sant…

These are the two kindest hosts I’ve met in the ten albergues I’ve stayed at in last ten days. They’re so thoughtful and upbeat. And the meal was very delicious (salad, bean soup and wine). The interior is brand new. The grounds are so nice. The beach ten minutes away is perfect. Above all else the hosts are truly thoughtful generous people who made this a unique stay for me. And it is really close to the Camino. Definitely a winner …

Camino de Sant…

Best albergue i’ve visited! I absolutely agree with everything that is written in other comments below :)

Just be careful it is a small town and beaches nearby can be very busy during the weekend. Better to eat lunch in any of previous towns. :)

You will get an absolutely delicious dinner in albergue .

Camino de Sant…

I stayed in the Private Albergue in Duesos a few kilomètres befor La Isla. For me this is what the camino is about. A husband and wife run the place, they are pilgrims themselves.

The welcome was warm, they did our washing, the fee us food that came from their garden (beautiful lentil curry and fresh salad), and breakfast too.

The place is super clean and welcoming. You can really feel the spirit of the Camino in this place. My favourite place by far.