Refuge Orisson


Description and Notice
Reservations accepted

Reservation recommended, often obligatory. Contacting them however is notoriously difficult. Expect to wait weeks for a reply, or call them if you speak French.

01-April - 15-October
Contact Info

Orisson 64220

+33 559 491 303
+33 638 269 738
Practical Info
Total Beds
Private Rooms
Double room
Dining room
Wash basin
Bar / Restaurant
Yes, as well as sandwiches to take away
Bike storage
Handicapped Accessible
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All Caminos App User (not verified)

I think that was me who posted the previous comment. It all worked out!
It was very chilly and wet, but warm and cozy inside . The communal dinner was special. A great way to start the journey,

All Caminos App User (not verified)

I cannot say enough, good things about staying in Morrison the first night of your Camino Francis. Coming across the Pyrenees we were absolutely wiped out, and we were greeted with such kindness and concern, we were shown to our rooms to unload. Staff was very attentive to our needs, the communal dinner was lovely, I would highly recommend!

All Caminos App User (not verified)

Like everyone else, I read heavily up on reviews prior to the Camino, and was a bit apprehensive after seeing mixed reviews of Orisson. I don’t know if others had different circumstances to me or just came in with too-high expectations. However, I have no complaints.

The rooms were clean (those in the separate building across the road from the restaurant appear to be brand new, and are very well kept) and warm enough for the rainy weather we were faced with in mid April. The 5 minute showers were enough, and it’s understandable why they need to institute the limit, being so remote. The communal dinner was great to meet other pilgrims and the staff did a wonderful job of facilitating it.

It took the pressure off my first day, especially given the gruelling weather over the mountains. I’d book again in a heartbeat.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

We arrived in Orisson after walking our first day of the French Way and had read mixed reviews about this cAlbergue. Let me tell you, the place is amazing! The views are gorgeous, the staff has gone out of their way to meet our needs, the food is great, and we have blankets to keep us warm. And the best part of the stay is after dinner each person introduced themself. We’re in gratitude to be on this incredible journey!

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

If you have any physical ailments Refuge Orisson and Borda are your only real options, so if you can’t get in at Borda try and make it as positive an experience as you can at Refuge Orisson as you have probably already read some of the pitfalls, the real positive is you will still be in good shape to make to roncesvalles the next day

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

They know they are pretty much the only option for people that can't make the full stage in one day.

Timed showers with broken locks, toilets without seats, only cold water in the sinks, minimum charging options, wet/moldy sealing, there was also a hole in the floor next to our bed with dirt/ground peeking through... and the clothes lines were in the shade, so nothing really dried... That's if you can even wash anything properly in cold water....

Dinner was quite silly as well... The portions they bring for the whole table to split are ridiculous... My 3 year old niece coluld probably eat more ... You just have to keep asking for more... It was funny, because everyone at the table would clearly eat more, but after third refill you feel kind of awkward asking for more... Women at the table would pass those few paper-thin slices of meat to men as "having enough", but when we figured we can get another refill, they ate as well. It was still too little...

But the chance is that if you are reading this, you have no choice, but to stay anyway...

All Caminos App User (not verified)

If you have an option, I would avoid staying here. The views are beautiful but the Albergue is aware that some people can't walk to Roncesvalles so are forced to stay. The staffs attitude towards people is like they don't care and the toilets don't even have toilet seats.

All Caminos App User (not verified)

We stayed here for one night as it was too much for us to walk to Roncesvalles. Dinner was alright, portions were not great!
NO toilet seats in the toilet which was ridiculous!
Cold no heating, we used our body heat to heat the rooms so it stunk a bit of sweat!
We were treated quite poorly really, more like a school hostel naughty children!
The views are stunning, especially in the morning!
5 minute coin shower, be prepared

All Caminos App User (not verified)

Pros- fabulous views. And a great introduction at dinner where everyone took it in turns to stand up and introduce themselves

Cons. Terrible food. They didn’t give us bread with the soup starter and said they were short on bread. Don’t get the sandwich , its dry and hard, they offer to sell you for the next days hike but stock up in SJPp instead.
No where else gives you a token to limit your shower to 5 minutes of luke warm water. The bunks are flimsy and feel they might tople over.

All Caminos App User (not verified)

Small place. Friendly hosts. One charging station where you can plug in the usb cable and charge phone, watch , etc located on the central part of the facility. No Wi-Fi ( maybe a good thing). You will be provided w a coin to insert and start your 5 minute shower. hang clothes out to dry on the lines ( if it’s not raining). There was not enough room for all pilgrims to dine together. Some had to be separated. Dinner was warm and delicious. Be prepared to buy your lunch here to take to roncesvalles since it’s a long steep uphill trek.