Albergue-Pensión El Molino

Cacabelos at the end of the Camino Olvidado

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Reservations accepted
01-January - 31-December
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Santa María, 10
24540 León

+34 987 546 979
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Bar / Restaurant
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All Caminos App User (not verified)

The owner is a businessman, and a bit of a cheapskate.

Simple place. Check in was prompt amid his getting drinks and serving locals at the bar. He insisted for two people we had to choose the top and bottom bunk together even when we were the only ones there

Bunk was 13, 1 extra for sheets. Laundry is 4 to wash and 4 to dry. There were not official places to hand wash or hang dry.

Room was a bit warm at night but quite loud with the window open (it was a Saturday night, and people were out and about).

Most lights are motion sensor and frequently turned off while I was using them. I had paid for the room and was using the light in the room when he entered and turned the light off, citing the reason that it was too expensive.

If that’s the case, then increase the cost of a bunk or remove the lights altogether. Don’t turn off the light while I am using it. If I wanted my dad to be with me on the trail, I would have invited him.

Unfortunately that example captures the general vibe of this place. Not a ton of options in this town, but I would look elsewhere if you can.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

The owner at the bar is very nice and he does speak fluent English but I wouldn’t have stayed here if he had been very clear that the heat would not be turned on.
He later explained that that’s why he told me there were blankets- geez.
Perhaps it was because I was the only pilgrim staying in the Alburgue that night. I’m not sure, but it was a bit creepy and unfriendly.
Wish I had gone to a more populated Alburgue.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Feels like my last two stops haven't had the Camino spirit. No place to hand wash clothes or dry them. Only $2 euro to wash and $2 to dry. Which is half price of other albergues (soap included) . Not sure why, but it feels cold . Maybe its just me.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Let me rephrese my thoughts. I really liked the owner, but they played very loud music at the bar in the albergue very late. But the town and the river to swim in was amazing. The water was very clear and refreshing, also not to many pilgrims stayed in the town. So if you want to escape the crowds of pilgrims this is a great spot. I would really recommend the city, but maybe not this albergue unless you enjoy sleeping with loud music :)

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Absolute gem of a town and this albergue. A bed is 12 euro, it is a familybusiness and the man working at the bar is fluent in English (not like my spelling). The town is lovely with a clear river you can swim in, if your kind to the locals they might even show you were you can jump of the bridge.