Albergue Bar Puerto

Alto do Poio

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Located along the road at the alto, poor reviews from pilgrims.

01-January - 31-December
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27671 Lugo

+34 982 367 172
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All Caminos App User (not verified)

I had to stay here as the places in Fonfría were closed. The bathroom was disgusting. There were bugs and these worm/centipede kind of things on the floor. The shower door was broken and leaning inside of the shower. The toilet paper was wet. There was a chicken walking around INSIDE the albergue. The beds were fine and the paper sheet things actually fit the bed for once. But other than that, please skip this place to sleep.
The food was surprisingly good, so maybe stop for lunch but do not stay.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Please find another place if you can. This was one of the worst albergues on the Camino. I arrived at 3 PM and everything was chaotic. It seems like the lady here is doing everything herself and she looked stressed and she’s just not very nice. I tried to check in but they just said ‘later’, then did some tasks at the bar while I was waiting and then she checked the dorm to see if there were any available beds. There wasn’t so she led me to the first floor of the house where they had a second dorm. The sheets looked messy and not clean, it was like a sauna because it was under the roof, there was spider web everywhere but worst of all was the ‘bathroom’. One small bathroom for maybe 20 beds. It wasn’t clean and the shower didn’t work. It’s a small bathtub where you have to use your hands to distribute the water because the showerhead didn’t work. It was clear that they didn’t clean the place since the last set of pilgrims were here. Dinner was okay but not the best. Service and hospitality were completely off. They even tried to charge me 20 euros for dinner (it’s only 10) - and when I pointed it out, he gave me my last 10 euros. The first floor was really cold during the night - had to wear my clothes, sleeping bag and a blanket to stay warm. Honestly the worst experience. Three other pilgrims I talked to felt the same.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

I guess it all depends what you value…like everything in life. I’ve stopped here for breakfast on several Caminos and always had delicious, ample and very good value fare.
This was the first time I’ve stayed in the albergue (9 December) and I was the only pilgrim there, but it was one of my best nights. Felt like I was staying at the house of a slightly eccentric but caring uncle, complete with dogs, cats and very relaxed and friendly staff. I didn’t feel like I was being treated like a customer, I felt like I was being genuinely welcomed into someone’s home and taken good care of.
There was a cozy wood burner going all day long in the bar, as the rain lashed down outside, and although the albergue wasn’t the warmest there was a mountain of good blankets to choose from, so I slept warm as toast. The showers were super-hot and the bunk beds very sturdy (wooden-framed) with deep, firm, super-comfy mattresses. Disposable sheet and pillow case provided and all for 6€ (cheapest price I’ve paid on the whole Camino Frances).
I ate lunch, dinner and breakfast there and paid 30€ for the lot.
Add to that the fact that the albergue is staying open all year, including Christmas and New Year, I’m very grateful that places like this - full of local character and characters - still exist on the Camino.

Camino de Sant…

Just adequate. Nothing special.

Camino de Sant…

Bathrooms could do with updating, but otherwise fine .

Camino de Sant…

After coming down From Prabela and one of the best hospitality experiences on the Camino so far and then climbing all day again seemingly And finding no available beds until I reached this Albergue. It was after 6 PM when I arrived there and about 1/5 of the beds were taken. I was happy to have one. Within an hour about 10 bicyclist showed up and almost filled the room. The little guy that was running it was entertaining but not really effective and the conditions and the facility were just adequate. It worked perfect for a last resort!