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Herbón, and the Monastery and Albergue there, could not be better placed for a peaceful day of relaxed contemplation at the end of the penultimate day of walking to Santiago. 

It is a deviation from the camino’s yellow arrows, but one imagines that it has always been an important stopping point for pilgrims. 

The albergue here is run by the Galician Amigos of the Camino and it is one of the few places where you can count on eating dinner with all of the other pilgrims staying there.

The Road

To get there simply follow the red arrows marked Herbón. This detour if for anyone wishing to spend the night in the Albergue at the Monastery of Herbón (recommended). From Pontecesures it is 2.7km, with an additional 3km the following morning to bring you to Padrón. In all this detour adds 3.1km to the official route.

City Map
Accommodation in Herbón


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Le monastère d'Herbon vaut le détour. Une visite guidée du site, une messe, un repas préparé pour tous ensemble, des chambres à deux lits, le déjeuner de base, le tout pour donativio et présenté avec respect et conviction. Une expérience inoubliable.

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Just over the bridge and to your left this little restaurant was horrible. Pretty much refused to serve me because I didn’t speak Spanish, after trying to converse in the little Spanish I know mixed with lots of hand gestures.

He pretty much threw the menu at me, had a laugh in Spanish with the other pilgrim and ignored me after that.

Next door at cafe bar obradoiro the lady was lovely and patient and so I highly recommend if stopping here

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We seated here in June ‘22 and really enjoyed it. It’s a bit off the main route but worth the extra few km. Each cell of 2 bunks is separated from the windowed corridor by a curtain and feels lovely and private. The meals are communal and everyone helps clean up afterwards. There is a free tour of the monastery (it’s not a working monastery any more) though it was quite long and we’d walked a long way that day, and pilgrims are invited to mass in the chapel and given a special blessing afterwards. The alarm in the morning was a lovely rendition of ‘ave Maria’ on the speakers.
Highly recommended

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Could someone provide an updated comment regarding the cost per bunk per night. And their recent stay experience?

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

This is a diversion well worth the few extra kilometres the next day (or if you have an extra day). The facilities are basic but perfect (disposable bedsheet and pillow case provided) . Those who run the albergue are friendly, helpful and pretty funny even if you don’t speak Spanish. Definitely do the mass - there is a pilgrim’s blessing at the end. And a group dinner afterwards. Best experience on our Camino so far.

We arrived at 1:30 and had no troubles getting 2 beds. The grounds are beautiful and worth brining food for a picnic while you wait for the registration to open.

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Tour of the monastery at 6pm
Mass at 8pm
Dinner at 9pm
Coffee and tea making facilities
1 set of bunk beds in each monks cell
No sheets or towels provided

Camino de Sant…

There is WiFi once in the convent

Camino de Sant…

The place has been filling up by 1pm or 2pm in September, I’m sure in the high season could be sooner. You are not allowed to walk from Padrón to stay there as they feel you did not walk enough.