Albergue de S. Tiago


Description and Notice

New bungalows set up with 2 cots in the rear of the building.

Small shop, pharmacy, and bakery within short walk. 

01-January - 31-December
Contact Info

Labruge, 1720
Labruge 4485-317

+351 919 628 772
Practical Info
Total Beds
Pilgrim only?
Private Rooms
Double room
Bike storage
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All Caminos App User (not verified)

A bit of an atypical welcome both for the Camino as unlike the warm Portuguese people. The place is clean and quite new, but lacks a bit in character and vibe. Double beds for couples in the dorm rooms.

All Caminos App User (not verified)

Many beds very comfortable and good space, very clean, there’s one washer and drier and two hand washing tubs with lines to dry outside. Down points only there’s only two sinks means big queue in morning, two ladies were put up in an outside wooden shed, said it was very cold and noisy.

All Caminos App User (not verified)

Fantastic Albergue. Warm kind greeting , 15€ a bed . Clean bathrooms and brilliant kitchen . Washing machine and dryer available.

All Caminos App User (not verified)

15 Euros per person after renovation. Lots of beds. Double beds upstairs. Clean toilets and showers are downstairs. Single bed dorms are downstairs and upstairs.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Got bedbugs when I was here. Place could definitely be cleaner !

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Positives: lots of beds, disposable sheets, free blankets. and well stocked kitchen. Wifi and enough plug points.

Negatives: not the cleanest. The showers are cold if the inner door is open ( fire safety trip switch because of the wind). Kitchen is in welcome area so feels a bit awkward to cook there; and seating areas not set up.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

I am here aS I write this. The albergue is clean and has plenty of space , and the hosts do not mind pilgrims cooking or relaxing outside

The bathrooms are few but kept clean. I am comfortable here.

All Caminos App User (not verified)

Very busy already, first week of May 2023.
A run down municipal. Fine for getting a night’s sleep, but not a particularly nice place.
It didn’t feel clean - but I’d say that is because it’s quite rundown. Old mattresses etc. The toilets and showers were ‘clean’ but very run down. Again - fine for a nights sleep. (The showers had good pressure and plenty of hot water.)
Cat litter, cat bed and cat food by the bathrooms - again all a bit run down even compared to other municipals.
I arrived late (9pm) and all bunks were taken but there were floor mattresses and some double sofa beds for two friends sharing - they were on a patio annex with full length shutters pulled down - so kind of indoors/outdoors! It was freezing! Don’t sleep directly next to the shutters if you can help it! But there were blankets - which also didn’t feel clean, but nevermind. I was warm with the blanket.
Although other people were also arriving when I arrived, and people were sat up talking, those of us to arrive later were given quite a patronising telling off. The host seemed a bit annoyed by everything - warning us (very rudely) not to make noise etc. This is my third Camino and I’m in my 40s - I’ve never been told off as part of the welcome!

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Unfortunately not the best experience, standing water in the showers with only cold water, not very clean and there were bed bugs. We got the disposable sheets for the bed, but not for pillows. Some people were sleeping directly on the mattress but on the floor. Host was very nice but the place wasn’t decent.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Hello, I am one of the volunteers and I would like to update the information about our albergue:

Now we also sell pilgrim's credencial.

There is a supermarket (monday to saturday), snack bar and bakery near by.

We still don't have washing machine but we have a place to wash by hand and a lots of space to let it dry. 10 minuts walking there is a self service laundry.

Buen Camiño!