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Accommodation in La Pereda


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

El Minero Albergue was a welcome stop after a long day’s walk. Clean, spacious, comfortable beds each with light & power point for charging, plenty of showers & toilets, washer & dryer, lounge, tea/coffee, kitchen facilities & dining area, although Maria cooks a splendid 3 course meal, suitable for vegetarians too! All this for €16 per person.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

It felt like a family dinner - she cooks everything and provides a 3 course meal. You can tell she’s been feeding pilgrims for years, simple but hearty and delicious. (Her homemade bread and sweet curd dessert was everything my body and soul needed). I’ll catch up the miles along the way, such a worthwhile stay, thank you Maria. <3

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

This is the most quaint, lovely albergue I’ve stopped at this far (since Oviedo). It’s clean, comfortable and quiet with a peaceful atmosphere. The lady who runs it so so lovely and helpful, has a bowl of fresh fruits out, tea/coffee and hot chocolate for self service and provides laundry soap too. She also offers dinner at 8pm and breakfast for whatever time you’re planning to set foot for the day. I was going to push on to Tieno today and just take a rest here but I decided to stay the night because it’s just that lovely.

Camino de Sant…

There is a rest stop between La Pereda and El Pedregal with a bathroom, vending machines, coffee, and tables and chairs inside.