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Oseira is hard to miss for the looming and massive Monasterio de Santa María de Oseira. It is well worth a visit. Built in the 12th century it was originally a Cistercian order of French monks. They stayed a surprisingly long time but like nearly every other religious order they were turned out by the Royal Order of Ecclesiastical Exclaustration of 1835. It took nearly a century to pass before the Monastery was again occupied, this time (and still) by Trappists (Cistercians of the Strict Reform).

The Road

The way out of Oseira is not along the road (though cyclists may prefer it for the more gentle grade) but rather up a steep track adjacent to the road with the restaurants.

It passes the hamlets of Vilarello (2km), O Outeiro (2.5k), Carballediña (1.5km), and A Gouxa (bar) (0.4km) before nearing the motorway and Castro-Dozón.

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Accommodation in Oseira


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The albergue is exceptional—very clean and has washers, dryer, clothesline, and basic kitchen. The cafe a few hundred yards away and just outside the entrance to the monastery and the albergue is amazing. Don’t let the prices freak you out. We ordered rice and beef and it served 5 of us—not 2 as the owner advised. Also had the salad with chicken. The monastery tour should not be missed. You can buy a breakfast kit in the monastery store so you’ll have something to eat before you start walking.

Camino de Sant…

Beautiful location, highly recommend! We were able to watch the monks at prayer. Albergue is very new and clean. Kitchen with stovetop, mini fridge and microwave but no plates or cooking utensils. Only one restaurant that was closed when we were there so we were glad we had brought some food.