Camino Olvidado

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Loma de Montija


Staying near Bercedo

For those who like shorter distances, about 3 km from Bercedo is a Hotel Rural Valtarranz . It is in a town called Noceco. That would give you about a 18 km day from Villasana de Mena to Bercedo, and about 23 from Nava de Ordunte. I have received a note from the owners, who say they are happy to pick peregrinos up in Bercedo or any other reasonable place. But even without that pick-up option, it would leave the day’s total from Villasana at 21.

The Road

From Bercedo to Espinosa is flat and sunny, and off road, but that’s about all I remember.

City Map


Camino de Sant…

Villasante has a wonderful host Isabel who Aldofo in Nava can ring for you. She is one of the kindest people you can meet. She always at least 6 beds. She will be a memory for you on this Camino, as well Aldofo. I was exhausted by the time I got close to Bercado and Isabel came and picked me up. Both times on this Camino, I followed the yellow arrows up the right after Irus. However I see the GPS track for the Camino (from the Camino olvidado app) go under the road and over the hills to the left side of road.
Back to the way I went, yesterday and in 2019, the arrows bring you so far and then disappear and I crawled through bushes and thorns eventually to jump out onto road and get a lift from Isabel. 🤣 In 2019, I remember similar confusion, but somehow we got down onto the railway line and then onwards into villasante.