The Vía Podiensis

Ramourouscle → 1.80 → Montbonnet → 5.60km → Le Chier

To end of camino
Accommodation in Montbonnet


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

The fancier restaurant in Montbonnet that has a bed and breakfast attached to it is really good. Its down the road from the little bar thing. 14€ for a big plate of food with excellent meat. Hardworking married couple run it.


Sorry the exact name escapes me…
I’m not seeing this gite mentioned and have not stayed here, nor seen a room… However for TWO cami is I have stopped at the restaurant attached and LOVE IT! Peter is the owner and greets everyone, appears loved by everyone who all want to chat with him. He’s known for his pizza but the salad he made me will be remembered forever! My first time in town we camped as I had five of my children with me, this time we passed on through having stayed at Saint Privet. I think if I did it a third time i’d pass through Saint Privet, have beverages there and stay here in Montbonnet. Mainly for the opportunity to swim in the river that passes through. I look at this as a split town , a bridge separating the two sides. Tbis in the first section before the bridge with a swimming area!


So sorry, I put it in the wrong place. Moderator please feel free to clean up my entry , change wording needed to change. I apologize… this should be under MONISTROL and not Montbonnet. Sorry!