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Water Taxi from Caminha to A Guarda

Medical Center

Caminha is the last town in Portugal, from here it is a 1.7 swim or a quick water-taxi across the estuary. The service is offered by, which is also where you can find their schedule (though it is also posted in every accommodation in Caminha).

It is here that the Atlantic meets the Río Miño, making for the ideal natural boundary. The main square (Praça Conselheiro Silva Torres) makes for the perfect place to rest the afternoon or while away the evening. At its northern edge stands the Torre do Relogio, where a euro affords you access to the best view in town. Further north, and adjacent to the old defensive walls, is the Igreja Matriz de Caminha.


At the far end of town the road meets a roundabout and crosses a smaller river by way of a bridge. DO NOT CROSS THE BRIDGE unless Valença or Tui is your destination. Arrows here still exist, and if they do they are pointing the way to Tui along the Central Way. Instead, turn back towards the harbor; signed "Ferry Boat". 

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Camino de Sant… (not verified)

We stay at this hotel, they offer you spa and everything for the price, it was almost 200 euros but when you get there they say everything is full but nobody send us and email or anything to book in advance, will not stay at this hotel again not worth it

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Amazing people who are running the place, very kind and attendive. It really shows that they put their heart and soul into this hostel/albergue. Everything smells amazing and the whole place is very clean and tidy (even the trash can smells amazing). The kitchen/lounge area has a very nice disign 😊 Loved to stay here, hope I can come back someday!

All Caminos App User (not verified)

Basic, nice, clean hostel.
I stayed here a few nights ago (May 2023) as Caminhos was full and I was cutting across from the coastal route to Valenca so it was on my route.
The host was lovely, giving loads of useful info for the next days route etc.
I stayed in a 6 bed (no bunk) room booked via Scroll down past the bunk dorms on - It was a couple of € extra, but still cheap, and I had the whole room to myself. (The bunk rooms looked a bit more crowded)
The bathrooms were newly fitted and very clean.
The kitchen is very well stocked if you want to cook. There is a nice terrace to sit it and look over the river view. (The view from my bed was incredible - across the river over the Spain.) There are places to eat - one serves a good pilgrim meal at a restaurant about 300m before you arrive - but I did not go there.
It was a basic place, renovated in parts, but still with older beds, old blankets, and those annoying single use sheet and pillowcase. But I slept well, it was very clean and I highly recommend the ‘bed-only’ dorms
(Tip - when I booked, one room had 2 beds left. One had all 6 beds left. I booked that room, and was the only person in the room.)
The next day, I followed the Ecovia river path the whole way - it was absolutely beautiful. (I then stayed at Alvorades Medieval hostel - HIGHLY recommend.)

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

In the city center near to a supermarket, restaurants and harbour etc.
Joanna is really great and creates a warm atmosphere. The hostel is new, clean, inviting, can recommend highly. Stayed in a 6-bed-room with one bathroom, bunkbeds with curtains, individual light and a socket.
The towels are cozy :-)

Made a reservation via

Travessa do Teatro n. 7, 4910-163 Caminha

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Don’t stay at the Albergue s bento!! Stay here in Caminha!!
The references are good but I wonder why!

It was extremely dirty, there was mould on each side of the mattress and in the first bed (I changed) there were undefinable crawling animals!!

Also the beds creaked like hell!

Camino de Sant…

Walking the Ecovia from Caminha all the way to Valença is beautiful and very easy. Quiet and peaceful. No cafes or other services in October so pack what you need.

Camino de Sant…

Taxiboat Mario, 5€,tickets at the bar in the port. At least 2 persons for 1 ride. Mario is very friendly, cannot say a Word in english. :)

Camino de Sant…

I would highly recommend Arca Nova. Each bed was a very private space with a curtain. Very well thought out way out. Clean.

Camino de Sant…

Dont worry on mondays. Taxiboat is availsbke at the same location
5 euros.