→ 2.20 → Vilar de Cas → 0.50km → Gondar

To end of camino
The Road

At the end of town there are markers for another complementaria route, this time for a detour to the Iglesia de Soutomerille (see below). This worthwhile alternative adds 700m to the journey, through an evergreen forest.

Accommodation in Vilar de Cas



In my 10 years of walking the camino this is without doubt the best I have ever seen. I’ve stayed in 5 star hotels that don’t have the style of this place. And the people here are fantastic.


I have never been to such a wonderful Albergue.
People with such wonderful big hearts.


Best Albergue on the camino! Home cooked food, vegetarian friendly, very friendly and helpful hosts, but most importantly the place has ATMOSPHERE. The dorm is the swankiest place I’ve ever stayed, they have a luxurious kitchen, rain showers with lovely pressure. The bar is cozy with heat lamps and a rustic feel. It’s all an old barn but tidied up really well. Walk the extra 5km from Castroverde. It’s worth it!