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Caldas de Reis


Santa Mariña de Carracedo

Medical Center

Caldas de Reis is best known for its hot springs (caldas). They still exist, but the tradition of putting your feet into the fountain is discouraged for obvious hygienic reasons. All the same really, a hot soak after a hot day of walking isn’t the best of plans. To see the springs (and to follow the camino), turn left after crossing the first bridge in town.

The camino passes through the old quarter before arriving at another bridge, on the opposite end of which is the municipal albergue and the way out of town.

The church in town is dedicated to Saint Thomas Becket, one of very few of the sort in Spain and possibly the only one in Galicia. If you are only passing through town in the afternoon, the palm trees that surround the church make for a cooling place to relax.

The Road

On the way out of town, it is once more along the N550 (which frankly will be the case frequently between here and Santiago). Leave it to your right at the first bend in the road. 


Camino de Sant…

I found a not listed Albergue Agarimo - central location, just 1 min walk from the church. Looks like old rich building and apartment in it made for hostel. Has a two bathrooms, rooms with 3 beds. Clean and comfortable beds. Really nice host. Have a kitchen and washing machine. Good WiFi.

Camino de Sant…

As you walk into Caldas drop down to the tapas bar on the right . Unbelievable food and cheap too. A place to lose an afternoon

Camino de Sant…

Amazing stop here. Thermal baths to soak tires feet. Stayed at the Albor, which is run by a very lovely lady and has an amazing wax stamp. Finally had maybe the best meal of my Camino at the simple cafeteria therma (right at the river). 11 for the menu del dia and 100% worth every penny.