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If you choose to spend the night in Sahagún do your best to explore the town, it is not the prettiest of places but there are a few gems hiding about that give you a glimpse of its illustrious past.  At one time it rivaled Burgos and León in importance and grandeur.

For reasons unknown the town hall has drawn the camino path through town in a way that skips nearly every building worth 

seeing, and which bypasses the plaza mayor entirely.  If you want to explore you will have to leave the marked path; see green alternative on map.


A very nice certificate is available from the Santuario de la Virgen Peregrina on your way out of Sahagún, a type of half-way Compostela. See the map for the location as it is not on the camino proper.


Market day is Saturday. Winter pilgrims can celebrate San Tirso on the 28th of January. San Juan de Sahagún on the 12th and 13th of June. Fiesta de Peregrina on the 2nd of July, and San Lorenzo on the 9th and 10th of August.


Sahagún owes its name to the 4th century martyr San Facundo, who along with San Primitivo were buried nearby. Because of this it has seen more than its share of battles between Christians and Muslims. Although the Christians ultimately won out, it was not before the town changed hands no fewer than five times. Each turnover saw the destruction of churches and their reconstruction. Today only 4 of the original 9 churches survive.


Camino de Sant…

It’s located at the municipal library, not the church

Camino de Sant…

I ended up staying at Hostal Escarcha for 3 nights in May 2022 because I tested positive for Covid. It turned out to be a nice place to recover. Nice view of the courtyard from my window. A nice double bed and pillow that stretched across the bed or you could fold in half. Each room had it's own bathroom with shower. Had 2 night stands, a desk and chair. It's been around around awhile. It used to have a bar downstairs. The room also had a TV that also played radio stations, tho the tv stations were understandably only in Spanish. There's a supermercado a few blocks and one of the main plaza is a block away. Outlet next to the bed with dual light switches. Was clean and came with large towels and sheets and comforter. I would definitely stay there again and maybe see some of the sights this time.

Camino de Sant…

Have dinner in the Plaza Mayor and enjoy the scene as multiple generations converge for a strong social, family scene. Well worth staying over for.

Camino de Sant…

Don‘t get the halfpoint certificate! Not worth it! You pay 3€ „entrance fee“ to visit the museum and when you are finished the lady at the ticket office just prints out the certificate with your name on it (which is included in the entrance fee). Simple Word Document. Nothing special.

Camino de Sant…

All I’ve wanted for the past month was a filet mignon and a couple old fashions. So I tried this place. The tenderloin is par for the course. But if you decide to eat here, it’s worth it only for the service that Diego provides. World-class service, outstanding beverages, tailor made to your whim and free pour with Diego. If you do come here, and if you do see Diego, tell him first thing: “solo el cielo es mejor que una excelente bebida.” You will be well cared for. Don’t forget to tip kindly. If you can afford to eat here, they need the money more than you do.