2021 Editions

As you may well imagine, the uncertainty of the 2021 season has made it impossible to reprint new guidebook editions with confidence. There are simply too many late-minute changes in the springtime that will make the effort out of date. 

Instead, those late-minute changes will be rolled into a downloadable pdf and can be printed off whenever you chose. In this way, anyone with a 2020 edition can be confident that they are embarking on their camino with the best information possible.

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Online Guides

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The list of accommodation is being updated daily to reflect the current status of albergue openings across all caminos.

2020-2022 Guidebooks

The 2020 updates have been published for the Camino Francés, Camino Portugués,

and the Camino del Norte. They are available in the SHOP.

Camino de Santiago Guidebook Cover
Camino Portugués Guidebook Cover
Camino del Norte Guidebook Cover

Camino de Santiago Apps

The 2020 updates are being published now in January for the upcoming season. As always, the apps are buy-once and all future update and upgrades are free. 


Camino de Santiago Guidebook Cover


Camino de Santiago Guidebook Cover


Camino de Santiago Guidebook Cover


Camino de Santiago Guidebook Cover
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Camino de Santiago Guidebook Cover


Camino de Santiago Guidebook Cover


Camino de Santiago Guidebook Cover


Camino de Santiago Guidebook Cover

The Big Map of the Caminos de Santiago in Spain and Portugal

I write guidebooks for the camino. It wasn't my plan but it became my fate.  I've been walking and writing for a good while now and was looking for something to help me plan the next route to publish. Something to hang in the office and be inspired by.

Not finding anything suitable I determined to make my own, and this is it!  There are close to 50 routes across Spain and Portugal, and 4 that enter the Iberian Peninsula from France.  The map came out much better than I could have expected, and the master printer that produces the books here in Santiago took it to the next level by offset printing it on a soft textured and heavy duty (250g) paper stock.  It is poster size large and measures 50x70cm, or 19.5x27.5in. It does not contain any branding with the Wise Pilgrim name.

Hang it to plan and be motivated by, hang it as a celebration, hang it for the bragging rights that come from being able to say "I walked that!"

A big thank you to everyone that makes a purchase, your support keeps the office light on late into the evening.

Shipping Details

The poster ships rolled up and snug in a tube and safe from folding or crushing.