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O Porriño


The walk into O Porriño can be done along the main road, or along the river, and again there are lots of conflicting arrows and warnings painted everywhere. The split occurs immediately after passing under the highway, and the new alternative river route requires an immediate left turn. The distance into town is the same.

City Map


Camino de Sant…

Their are several places along this route to take your shoes off and enjoy the river. After a long day of walking the cool water was refreshing.

Camino de Sant…

I don't think the river route is the same distance as the standard route. The signboard at the start suggests it is longer by about 1.5 km. Having now done both, the river routeIt is much nicer, and well worth doing.

Camino de Sant…

The San Campio bar is closed on Monday

Camino de Sant…

On the far edge of town there is a wonderful pilgrims and locals cafe, called San Campio, with omelettes, sandwiches and salads. Great music. Perfect rest stop before the last 3-4 IMS into O Porrino.