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The Road

Keep your eyes wide open when passing through Orbenlle. This town is nothing of note but is a very confusing place for pilgrims to find themselves.

The route splits here and depending on who you ask the answer of where to go will differ. The deciding point is at the end of town at a fork in the road. Don’t fret. There are only two ways to go:

LEFT, towards Centeáns and O Porriño along a longer but much more tranquil path. Distances indicated in this guide are for this route. It has been created by the pilgrim association in Galicia as a peaceful alternative to the out of control industrial zone into O Porriño and is often referred to as the riverside walk. 

NOTE: After turning left to head into the forest and towards the river, there is another junction where you again have to turn left. There are arrows and the yellow "x" all over the place (designed to steer you back to the industrial zone) but have faith that you will get to the river soon.

The stretch through the forest ends at the highway, where you enter Centeáns

RIGHT, directly to O Porriño but through an almost 5km stretch of an industrial zone.

The best advice is to turn left; bearing in mind that some arrows and even the locals will tell you to turn right.

City Map
Accommodation in Orbenlle


Camino de Sant…

It might be wise to walk the industrial! The forrest can be impassable even with proper shoes

Camino de Sant…

This alternative route is very well marked with obelisks.

Camino de Sant…

There is a Cafe just on the road before it splits. Nice place to have a break. There is new stones with directions both ways: the left term is marked ‘C.Complementario’

Camino de Sant…

Take the green route. Accidentally went red and the majority is along one industrial road. Green route comes out right by the state albergue.

Camino de Sant…

Since August 2019 there is a new albergue in orbenelle - 10 beds, great terrace with hammock, dinner and breakfast.
Donativo but app 20-25 euro expected depending on what you take.
All handmade, new and clean!