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Posted by Pilgrim Joachim about his Thanksgiving meal at El Figon del Duque at the Posada: “Ok so I thought I was going to have a sad Thanksgiving with nothing but bar food which to be honest I am sick of eating. All the restaurants were closed. So I came back to my hotel and noticed the lights on in the restaurant. So I went down but when I open the door the chef said he was closed. As turned to leave he says do you want me to cook for you. Well of course I am starving I said. I had the whole restaurant to myself and he cooked me some of the best food I have ever eaten. He and his girl friend were so nice. I had fantastic food and great conversation. Thanks to Wil, this is a Thanksgiving to remember. My Thanksgiving meal. Unbelievably good. Pink tomato and fresh cheese with basil pesto. A T bone with roasted peppers served with 3 kinds of salt. Smoked, regular and wine salt. Each one gave a different flavor. Fantastic. Oh there was also cheese and ham, along with cheese and beef tenderloin croquettes. Best meal I have had in Spain so far.
So if you walk into Navarrete and would love to have a fantastic meal for not a bad price check out
El Figon del Duque. It is in the hotel Posada Ignatius. Which is very nice also. I am staying there. Just an aside St Ignatius lived in this building before he found the Jesuits.”
The dinner cost him 68 euro.