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Medical Center

Navarrete, much fought over and mostly destroyed, no longer has any of its medieval history to share. It does, however, have a few covered arcades which give you a sense of its past. Like is common on an otherwise flat land, the town was developed around a hill; you will see plenty more of this strategy before you get back into the mountains.

The Iglesia de Santa Maria de la Asuncion deserves an extra mention here in case you were thinking to skip it. Don’t. It maintains hours which can be difficult for pilgrims but do try to make a visit.

If you are staying in Navarrete for the night, you might consider a small climb up to the ‘Tedeón’ to where the castle once stood. There is a nice picnic park there and a good view of the surrounding land.


Market day is Wednesday. In mid-August, the town turns out to celebrate the Virgen and San Roque. On the 29th of September, during the grape harvest, they celebrate their patron saint, San Miguel.

The Road

On the way into Navarrete you pass the remains of 12th century San Juan de Acre. While there is not much left, the footprint remains well enough preserved to spark the imagination. The original entrance to the former pilgrim hospital has been reincarnated as the entrance to the town cemetery which is passed on your way out of Navarrete.


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El mejor sitio para los peregrinos

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Found the Restaurant Sala on Google with a very high rating and were in heaven. Lovely people, fresh and local food, the best taste I’ve had on the journey. The menu del dia is 17,50€ which was very cheap for the quality we received. Would definitely go there again.
Calle Abadia 1, Navarette.


Superb albergue run by angel. Warm and friendly. Very good welcome and great facilities. I would highly recommend.


Sala Restaurante y Tapas has fantastic local, home-cooked meals. And the owner-chef, Tatiana, is so kind and welcoming. She will serve dinner ahead of typical Spanish schedule, which many pilgrims appreciate. Highly recommend.


Woman assaulted and pushed out of dormitory at Albergue El Camino de las Estrellas 9/8/2019. Females steer clear.


We had a great meal here of pintxos! Fresh artichokes in cream, fresh roasted mushrooms in olive oil, boquerones, pork skewers. They also had fried zucchini and a vegetable lasagne as well as a mushroom quiche that looked amazing! We had been missing fresh vegetables so this place was a God-send. Highly recommend. They are open 12 noon to midnight (1200-2400). 17 April 2022


Superb albergue run by angel. Warm and friendly. Very good welcome and great facilities. I would highly recommend.


Not surprised st the comment above. Greeted by a very aggressive older man in Spanish who said no booking despite showing our booking
Second man better but felt very uncomfortable here and I was with my husband
Terrible nights sleep a lot of noise by ie era at 4am, beds noisy. Only decent thing was the shower but left first thing. Not recommended