Camino Frances

→ 7.30 → Sansol → 0.60km → Torres del Río

To end of camino

The yellow arrows have a tendency to keep to the road as they take you through this small village. To see anything of importance, including the church and many of Sansol’s several old baroque homes, turn right at the large ceramic tile sign indicating “Sansol” on the side of one of the first buildings.


Named after San Zoilo, a young man martyred in Cordoba under the rule of Diocletian in 304AD.

Incidentally, his relics are preserved in the Benedictine Monasterio de San Zoilo in Carrión de los Condes. The local church here is likewise dedicated to him.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

The Palacio Sansol is such a delight! Beautiful refurbished building, exceptionally clean & tastefully decorated with all the amenities one would want on the Camino.
Exceptionally gracias hosts. It feels more like a nice hotel than an albergue—except for shared rooms & bunk beds, which are SO comfortable. There’s even a women’s dorm with only 6 beds, 2 showers, 2 sinks & it’s own WC.
The shared pilgrim meal is not to be missed!
Absolutely the best albergue on the Camino!
So glad Los Arcos’ albergues were full, well worth the extra Kms walk—even in the sun!
And the price is reasonable, comparable to less equipped albergues but the quality is far superior!
Treat yourself to a stay at Palacio Sansol.


Worth a stop here for the lovely albergue Sansol - notably the garden, foot pool, and the Moroccan and vegetarian specialties available for the pilgrims meal. Torres del Rio is just 5 minutes away, but we felt Sansol was quiet and lovely.


Albergue privado Sansol and Palacio de Sansol are also open. The latter opened only a few weeks ago and is excellent