NOTE: This list is changing daily, and it's contents will be pushed to the mobile apps weekly starting the first week of July.
Properties highlighted in GREEN are either currently open, or plan to open in JULY/AUGUST.
Properties highlighted in YELLOW are planning to open this year, but have not determined when.
Properties highlighted in RED do NOT plan to open during the 2020 calendar year.
Os Muiños


A Casa da Meixida
Casa Rural
609 123 441
699 549 742
Camino de Santiago Accommodation: A Casa da Meixida


Casa de Balea ⭑⭑⭑
Casa Rural
655 130 485
652 424 200
Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Casa de Balea ⭑⭑⭑


Casa Ceferinos ⭑
Casa Rural
981 748 965
Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Casa Ceferinos ⭑

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