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Santiponce / Itálica


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Roman history buffs should schedule an extra half day to visit Itálica, and non-buffs should do the same; the remains really are extraordinary. Before you get to the Roman parts, drop in at the Monasterio de San Isidoro del Campo. It is at the southern end of town and it would be a pity to pass it by. The visit is free, but they only open the doors on the top of every hour so try to get the timing right. Once you are done, continue north along the main road and follow the signs to the Teatro Romano. After that, continue north to the Amphitheater where another free visit awaits. Fans of Game of Thrones will recognize this site as the Dragonpit from season 8.


Santiponce stands upon and around the original Roman city of Itálica, which was founded in 206BC. It was here that two of the Roman Empires’ most celebrated emperors were born: Trajan and his adopted son Hadrian (off wall fame). 

The Road

The camino leaves Santiponce along the same road that it came in on. Shortly after passing the archaeological site of Itálica it once again does a little dance around the highway on-ramps. Here, keep on this road to pass under the highway. Immediately after the last ramp (the northbound one), the camino splits but the split is not really marked.

The official route, at times flooded, leaves the road to follow a path on your left. This is the preferred route when it is passable and it is a straight path towards Guillena.

The alternate route adds about 5km to the camino but may be the only option after heavy rains. The start of it is not marked and you need only to continue along the road where the official route leaves it. Keep to the left side of the road and mind the traffic. The camino gets to the edge of a large town called La Algaba but doesn’t actually enter it. Instead, it skirts around the town to the left and you soon have the option to walk along a dirt path adjacent to the road.... or along the road if needed. Keep an eye open for the signs, and arrows, which will eventually lead you away from the road (left) along a dirt road. This path is well marked and used by service trucks for the local industry. It passes through citrus groves and the occasional cotton field before rejoining a different road to enter the village of Torre de la Reina.

City Map


Camino de Sant…

Just listened to a fellow pilgrim (women in her 30s walking alone) recall her very uncomfortable experience on the camino trail in the vicinity of Santiponce on May 2nd. A man followed her on a motorbike from a distance. When she stopped on the path to take a rest break he parked his motorbike not too far from her and momentarily dissappeared. Suddenly, she looked up at some nearby bushes and there he was with his pants down staring at her and 'cooking his cucumber' - She didn't report him to the police for fear of not being taken seriously or ignored. We need to keep our trails safe for everyone so please please report inappropriate and offensive behaviour like this to the local police and Camino forums.