Río Guadalquivir and Triana

Via de la Plata

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Río Guadalquivir and Triana


Río Guadalquivir Branch and Split

The Road

Once over the bridge, the camino turns right onto Calle San Jorge, and then right again onto the Calle Antillano Campos, followed by a left onto Calle Castilla which curves gently to the left. The arrows will direct you across a small paved square and up a broad set of stairs. Once at the top you will be facing a very large roundabout. Cross twice, keeping to the right both times (placing you on the diagonally opposite corner).

From here walk north (NOT over the busy bridge) along the road with a shabby looking parking lot on your left. You will soon cross part of that parking lot just before crossing the Río Guadalquivir (1.8km) for a second time. The way ahead is across the bridge, which is divided between a bicycle and pedestrian lane and a vehicular lane (traffic is oncoming but motorcycles tend to take a few liberties with the law, take note). Once over the bridge the camino splits into two routes of equal length:

City Map


Camino de Sant…

The steps to the elevated roundabout are not signed towards. If you notice the Santander bank on your left you have passed them 50 yards back.