Via de la Plata

Huelmos → 13.50 → El Cubo de Tierra del Vino → 13.10km → Villanueva de Campeán

To end of camino
Medical Center
The Road

The camino continues straight through El Cubo on the main road, crosses a short bridge, and turns left onto a secondary road.


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The market has closed. Pharmacy has very limited days and hours. The bar was busy and poured a generous glass!

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I stayed at this hostel in Aug 22 in the main building which was great, last night I stayed in an Annex building about 100m away which does not have WiFi, curtains - 2 bathrooms were old and below par as such disappointed to be honest.

Having said that, this is the only Albergue in the area and the pricing is higher

Translated pricing FOR 2023

HI (one person) + dinner + breakfast = 42€

Pak in shared room, one person, bed + dinner + breakfast = 32

Pak HD (two people) + dinner + breakfast = 68€

Bed in shared room = 18€

HI (one person) = 29€
HD (two people) = 40€

Dinner 13€
Breakfast 4,00€

I had an excellent meal for EUR12 at the local bar which is open till 4pm currently.


I stayed last night - 18/5/22 - at Albergue Turistico Torre de Sabre. It was a wonderful albergue. It’s located on the edge of the town and is very quiet. Filiberto, the host, was so welcoming and very helpful. Substantial washing lines for the hiking gear. The communal dinner outside was fantastic - beautiful food and great company from fellow pilgrims. Breakfast was set out in the dining room - coffee, toast, juice - for any time you needed to hit the road - much appreciated. Filiberto has everything completely sorted for pilgrims - I thoroughly recommend this albergue. Jenny from Australia.