Camino Primitivo

To end of camino

El Friesnu





The Road

At the far end of Samarciellu, where the road meets a roundabout, the camino turns left onto a trail to Reaz, and beyond it Doriga.

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Accommodation in Samarciellu


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The best I can imagine. Delicious food and the most unconventional stay, where you’re actually allowed to be yourself. Compost toilets and everything is very comfortable, clean, warm hearted - the best I’ve seen, absolutely recommend it! With hammocks in the garden!

Camino de Sant…

Absolutely wonderful albergue, definitely worth the extra few km past Grado!

Communal room with sofas, games, books, small kitchen and dining area. Option of sleeping in bunk beds beside communal area or trailer tucked into the trees higher on the hill. Warm blankets available. Shower hot and good water pressure. Note bathrooms are separate the main buildings and are compost toilet but with toilet paper, sink with running water and soap.

Communal dinner and breakfast. Also offer coffee for passing pilgrims the following morning. All donativo. Very homely atmosphere, my favourite place to stay on the entire Camino!

Camino de Sant…

Beautiful family owned eco-friendly albergue.


-compost toilets

-good shower, can wash clothes in sink

-books, board games and a sitting chill zone

-community dinner

-DIY breakfast and coffee + snug kitchen to cook stuff

-4 beds

Highly recommended if you feel like you haven’t walked enough when you get to Grado!

Camino de Sant…

The family that run the albergue are really nice. Just when you’re thinking it’s been a while since my breakfast coffee they invite you in for a cup. A welcome break and interesting conversation. Sadly, I forgot to ask for a stamp. Which means I’ll have to stay there next time!

Camino de Sant…

Tiny privately owned albergue, only four beds, but very very friendly with a very special stamp.
Located about 100m after entering Samarciellu on the right.
Wi-Fi, small kitchen, coffee, lovely people who will join you for the dinner.
Vegetarian and vegan friendly.
Call the alberque at +34985593419

Camino de Sant…

There is a good water fountain in Reaz.