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Grandas de Salime


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Grandas de Salime is the largest town since Salas and offers enough bars and shopping to occupy your afternoon. The Iglesia de San Salvador stands at the center of town. There are several old manor homes scattered through the town, most of them dating from the 18th century. The gem of the town is the highly recommended Museo Etnográfico de Grandas de Salime, which has more objects in its collection than you could possibly lay your eyes on.


Nuestra Señora del Carmen is celebrated on the 2nd and 3rd of July. San Salvador is celebrated during the first weekend in August.

The Road

The camino leaves town along Calle Carmen and passes the Capilla de Carmen before joining the AS-28 highway for several parts; leaving and rejoining between towns on its way up to the alto that marks the border between Asturias and Galicia. There is one more albergue on the Asturian side of the border, in Castro. The first hamlet you come to, that of La Farrapa, has no services for pilgrims.

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No one seems to have mentioned A Reigada as a place to eat. I went there for comida (the afternoon main meal) and had their €12 menu del dia. It was delicious, one of the best I've had. And the stuff I saw going to other tables who had made different choices than I had all looked delicious, too. This wasn't your usual thin cutlet and fries fare. Highly recommended.

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Please try and find the time to visit the lovely Museum in town, it is €1.50 to visit and shows the historical lifestyle of the local area. Everyone of us that visited really enjoyed it and we all stayed far longer than we thought we would. Charming, informative and a visual feast! The video and exhibits of clog making and bowl carving was super-interesting (yes - really!). Genuinely one of the best museums I’ve been to.

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Fabulous wine bar and delicatessen located in the town. We ate a selection of local cheeses and meats, some craft beer and local wines, all delicious and reasonably priced. Cheerful & enthusiastic owner who helped us choose our food (three cheeses, stuffed peppers, smoked beef with pickles and crackers). Beautifully decorated and with great music, the clientele were 50% locals and 50% pilgrims when we were there. Very warm atmosphere. The best.

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A really fine and lovely place.
Very friendly service and we were hungry and She made af plate of different Chese and Meat, bread which tasted wonderfull.
The bar is very fine decorated and full of other groceries and fruit you Can buy.

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There is a new wine bar / cafe that has cheese, chorizo and antipasti, coffee and great wine in Main Street. They don’t have a menu - just ask them you won’t regret

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“In Grandas de Salime you must visit the Chao Samartin archaeological “ a Asturias government officer friends told us.

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There are only two bar and coffee shops in this place. Cafe de Jaime opens at 9:00am, the other one cross the road to the park opens at 8:00am.

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At bar Occidente (in the little street just along the church) you can eat a very good pulpo (octopus) dish. Actually it is the specialty to eat in this little bar/restaurante.
Have it with the potatos!

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There is another albergue not indicated in this app.
Porta de Grandas
At like 20m from the Camino before going in town.
Blankets and towels !
Several dorms of 10 people with 2 shower/wc for each dorms.
Power outlets, locker and lamp for each bed
They even have private rooms.
10€ in dorm
40€ for private room for one bed