Camino Primitivo

To end of camino

La Mesa




Embalse de Salime

The Capilla de Santa Marina de Buspol is the only thing of note in Buspol. The weather here is frequently shrouded in a rainy mist which obscures views of the embalse (reservoir) below.


At the sharp curve in the road in Buspol, the camino finally leaves the road in favor of a mountain track.

NOTE: It is almost entirely downhill to the dam of the reservoir, a descent of over 750m and often very steep. Furthermore, the trail crisscrosses several other mountain tracks, look carefully for the arrows and avoid the temptation to shortcut the switchbacks.

City Map


Camino de Sant…

After Buspol and the stone wall ends, you’re on a mountain track/forestry road that switchbacks down the mountain. However most of the trees have gone - a forest fire in 2017 perhaps - so there is no shade for most of the day. However, once you pass a large stone outcrop that provides decent shade you’re about 100m from a very nice shaded walk to the dam.

The first overlook, through a metal gate on the right side of the road, is worth visiting for a view of the incredible hydroelectric structure, and the remains of the construction village on the opposite bank. The dam architecture is very 50’s modernism. Look back at the viewing platform when you’re standing on the dam. You can almost imagine it’s a flying saucer embedded in the rock!

Camino de Sant…

Head out of the ruins in Buspol by following the stone wall. At the end of the wall is a gate. If it’s closed, go through the gate and circumnavigate the grazing cows, missing their cow patties as you step. A Camino marker will show you the way from there.