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The diminutive Berducedo is a common end of stage stopping point and is roughly halfway between Pola de Allande and Grandas de Salime.

The Road

The camino follows the road uphill for a quick ascent of about 80m and then descends another 100m into La Mesa.

City Map
Accommodation in Berducedo


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We arrived very late in Berducedo after the descent from the Hospitales and had not made a reservation. In the bar with the attached shop where we were supposed to ask for the first hostel in town for pilgrims, we were told that the entire village was fully booked. They just shrugged their shoulders when we asked if they had any idea where else we could stay. We, two young women, arrived at half past seven in the evening and were totally exhausted. Maybe it was due to our very limited knowledge of Spanish. In the bar next door, however, we received a friendly welcome and were offered two more beds. We gratefully accepted. The accommodation was clean, the beds quite stable and there was a well-equipped kitchen. Only disadvantage: No Wifi. But we was so tired that we actually don’t care ^^ we payed 15 € per Bed.

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Really nice,comfortable,clean.Kitchen with everything what you need for cooking.!

Camino de Sant…

Very nice, big rooms with comfy beds and a huge bathroom with bidet and shower. And a footbath/basin to soak your feet!!! No washing machine, so hand wash clothes. However there is a centrífugo/spinning machine to help get them dry before hanging outside. Dinner if included in your room is at the Casa de Aldea Araceli. Very hearty, rustic food - recommended. A great place to spend the night!