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Cabañas Raras


Cacabelos at the end of the Camino Olvidado

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Camino de Sant…

Call Dani for Key 0034626963055. Super friendly.
Large Wooden cabin (like a modern scout den) has 4 bunk beds, loads of chairs, 1 shower and maybe 3 toilets. No other services. It is located 2km from Cabanas Rares, and on the main route into town towards the end of the industrial park. If you Google "Crocodile Negro Bar", which serves food from 8pm, but open for beer, coffee etc and pulled together apples and watermelon for me to eat, you could just pass the evening. The bar is a rock and roll biker bar, and very helpful.
Wood Cabin was roasting and perhaps I didn't manage the windows correctly. Perhaps some planning with food a good idea. Maybe a sandwich in the previous town. The next morning, you'll get a good breakfast once you hit Camino Frances at Cabalos. It is practically a straight dirt track there, however there is a Yellow Sticker Arrow at a roundabout that tries to redirect you into Madaz De Abajo. Just keep going straight on. I wonder if the yellow vinyl stickers can be purchased on Amazon. Anytime I have seen one, it was sending me somewhere else.