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Itero de la Vega


Boadilla del Camino


The Iglesia parroquial de San Pedro Apóstol (at the entrance to town) has an image of Santiago Peregrino.

We can learn a bit about the name of the town, the name of the river, and the word for the stones that mark the camino. They all derive from hito (Fitero, Itero, and hito), which describes a stone that has been driven into the ground, and which is used to indicate a frontier or boundary.


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Stopped for a morning coffee 1.5 euros. Coffee has definitely been better in other places on the Camino! The food didn't look great either.

Camino de Sant…

I stayed in Itero De la Vega 22 March 2023. The only albergue open was Hogar del Perigrino. In spite of being listed as open, “La Mochilla” was closed, and Albergue Puente Fitero was also closed (apparently the owner died and it’s for sale, so unlikely to open until that happens). Maybe consider calling ahead and reserving a place if you’re planning on stopping in this town!

Camino de Sant…

is closed … phone rings, no answer, Jacotrans says they are closed


Hogar del Peregrino -- great hospitaleros, very helpful, and a lovely convenience store next door. A lovely break from the crowds of the Camino.


Hang out for locals. Food was below average and pilgrims being there almost seemed like an afterthought. Standard metal bunks w. lockers. Bathroom wasn’t clean and had mold, the rooms dingy, and walls thin. Found a bedbug but may not have originated there.