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Carrión de los Condes


Calzadilla de la Cueza

José Antonio Giron 18, 34120, Mon-Fri: 0830-1430 & Sat: 0930-1300, 979 880 345
Medical Center
Public Pool

The Café Bar España serves as the local bus stop, should you find yourself in need of motorized transport inquire at the bar for schedules.


CAUTION - When leaving Carrión de los Condes it is extremely important to stock up on water. 17km separate it from Calzadilla de la Cueza, with little protection from the sun or wind. In recent years, a roadside kiosk has sprung up at the halfway point, but there are no guarantees that it will be open. 


In most parts of the Catholic world San Zoilo is celebrated on the 27th of June but not in Carrión where he is the Patron Saint. Instead it is a movable feast celebrated in August;  specifically on the Monday following the second to last weekend of the month. The celebration for that day starts 5 days earlier, on Friday and it continues into Tuesday.

Nuestra Señora de Belén is celebrated on the 8th of September.

Thursdays are market days.


Carrión de los Condes has a rich and prosperous, to say nothing of colorful, history. Located at the intersection of the Pilgrimage road and the río Carrión it attracted merchants and a sizable population. Charlemagne is reported to have used the fields along the river as an encampment on his quest to control the pilgrimage route. Over a dozen pilgrim hospices once called Carrión home, and to this day you will find that many of the albergues are under the care of one religious order or another, the nuns of Santa María are known to sing to pilgrims.

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Friendly greeting, allowed into our room early. Lovely twin bedded room with bathroom (shower plus small bath). Towels & some toiletries provided also. All for only 30 euros! Very highly recommended.

Camino de Sant…

We splurged and stayed at the Zoilo Monastery. Beautiful. Great breakfast at 7:30. Bar and food the night before were great. No mass though. Leaving town the food truck was open and looks semi permanent. Needed this app to figure out our way out of town.

Camino de Sant…

Here right now. Certainly now looks permanent to me. Great stop. Fresh orange juice, coffee, breakfast food like bacon and eggs etc.

Camino de Sant…

The food truck eight kms beyond Carrion de Condes is fabulous. A must for the Camino experience.

Camino de Sant…

The food truck is now a more permanent stand about 8.5km from Carrion. They have bacon and eggs, toasted sandwiches, cake, coffee, orange juice etc all at reasonable prices. They aren’t allowed to advertise in town- but in the process of setting something up more permanently.

Camino de Sant…

Best sleep I have had on the Camino in 19 days.
The room was spotless and our hosts amazingly kind.
They did my laundry without charge and even delivered it to my room. Just what a tired pilgrim needs.

Camino de Sant…

Horribly rude waiter.

Camino de Sant…

The description isn't saying anything about the superb portals of the Santa María and Santiago churches, nor about the Convent of Santo Zoilo and of Santa Clara.
Also, very nice riverside at El Plantío.

Camino de Sant…

7.30 for a tortilla with potatas, a pastry, and a cafe con lèche

Camino de Sant…

There was a lovely food truck with fresh orange juice, great coffee and many food options about 7k from Carrion de los Condes this morning. They said they will be there until end October unless it gets too cold