Burguete [Auritz]

Camino Frances

To end of camino

Roncesvalles [Orreaga]


Burguete [Auritz]


Espinal [Aurizberri]

Medical Center

Immortalized by and little changed since Ernest Hemmingway lodged here 1924. He was on a fishing trip, no doubt catching some of the trout that swim these rivers and which luckily for us end up on more than a few dinner tables.

The architecture here is typically Basque; massive multi-generation family homes with a name or a crest above the door.

There is a very nice and friendly bar/panaderia at the beginning of the village, opposite Guradia Civil and the supermarket. It opesn very early in the morning, even before 7 in summer and the coffee is very good. Another bar adjacent to the church is not likely to be open in the early morning.


San Juan is celebrated the 24th to 26th of June. Other festivals include one for the Arts on the second Sunday of August, and another for Farming on the last Sunday of September.

The Road

Keep your wits about you when walking through town because the camino takes a sharp right turn halfway through. There are no less than twelve yellow arrows marking the turn, but it can still be overlooked by those admiring the charm of Burguete.

City Map


Camino de Sant…

Our stay here in a private room with bathroom, for 50 euro, was just what we needed after coming down the Pyrenees. The owner was so helpful and accommodating, even offered to drive us to Roncesvalles for dinner when we discovered the only restaurant open was the hotel which didn’t open until 8. The hotel meal was good and cheap though.

Camino de Sant…

We were able to get  reservations for the night 🙏

Camino de Sant…

When I reached here, I found none of the restaurants open at supper time, all I had to do was waiting for the meal the hotel provided at 8, it was quite late for pilgrim, but meal was savory and worth for waiting. Also saw the piano which told to be used by Hemingway.

Camino de Sant…

Stayed in Burgette in March 2022. Recommend staying at Lorentx albergue. New, clean, big, kind hosts and heated floors. Grocery store was well stocked. Dinner at the bar near the church was easy.