Alternate to Los Arcos via Luquin

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Alternate to Los Arcos via Luquin


500 meters beyond the Monasterio de Irache, the camino splits. The camino turns right, but the natural inclination is to continue going straight along the alternate route via Luquin.

‌via Luquin - 17.8 KM

If you continue straight you will be rewarded with a more diverse hike with better views. The drawback is a lack of dependable services along this stretch of trail at the base of the Montejurra mountain. Luquin is the only town with a bar, and it is open irregularly. If you plan to go this way be sure to include extra food and drink. This lesser traveled route is the more scenic and peaceful option. Outside of Luquin it passes back under the A-12 and rejoins the first option during its zigging and zagging.

‌via Villamayor de Monjardín - 18.2 KM

Following the camino to the right will take you past the campgrounds of Irache, Azqueta, and Villamayor de Monjardin, before zig-zagging through the broad countryside that surrounds Los Arcos.

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The alternative route is a real forest (luniquin)
You'll hear 20/30% of your time the highway, the rest is peace
You have a short overview of the valley which is a blast
What you dont get in shops, you get it in nature & silence
Can be slippery and muddy (fun right ?) If rainy before

Camino de Sant…

We left Estella and Irache early and in the dark. We went straight and didn't know the Camino went right! It was a long hike to Luquin, through a park with lots of other trails, and a lot of climbs! It was beautiful, but we guessed we took the more difficult route and we were happy to get there just as the cafe/bar was opening. We didn't see as many pilgrims until we joined the main Camino.

Camino de Sant…

The path to Los Arcos via Luquin is absolutely beautiful, first going through a lovely forest then coming to some amazing views of Navarra, mountains, cliffs and fields. The town of Luquin is small and more peaceful, and the auberge is excellent and affordable.

Camino de Sant…

I took the alternative route, and was glad I did. It was a hot sunny day, but there were long stretches through woods and otherwise where there was plenty of shade.
:I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

Camino de Sant…

A more scenic option