Camino Frances

Ligonde → 1.10 → Eirexe [Airexe] → 2.00km → Portos

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Eucalyptus: The Eucalyptus tree, indigenous to Australia, was brought to Galicia in 1865 for the construction trade. It proved to be a poor choice and is now used to produce paper (most of it is shipped to the mills in Portugal). The Galicians have a love/hate relationship with this invasive species and you will find the occasional message of “Eucalyptus Non!” sprayed on buildings. There are no natural controls for the tree, which grows fast, drives out local species (oak and chestnut), and which are extremely flammable during dry seasons.

Accommodation in Eirexe [Airexe]
Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Albergue de Eirexe


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Casa de Cota is one of the nicest places we've stayed so far on the Cino! We started in St. Jean so we have stayed in many places over the past 5 weeks! The hosts could not be nicer & helpful, and the room we had was spotlessly clean, & super comfortable!

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Excelente pensión. Muy pintoresca, habitaciones con ducha privada

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

open since september 2022. Very friendly host. 5 private rooms. very clean. opposite the small church.

adress : eirexe 7, Ligonde

telephone: 601 532 318

highly recomended


The Albergue is open and one of the hostess is very friendly even when you are the only guest. The bar/restaurant opposite to the albergue is open in the evening and in the morning, so dinner and breakfast are saved. A lovely little town with a calming vibe