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Murias de Rechivaldo


Santa Catalina de Somoza


The town is one of a dozen that is considered to be a part of the Maragatería, whose inhabitants are characterized by their red hair, their hard work ethic, and their honest reputation.

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“Bar Felix mas que un bar” is a Italian restaurant. The pizza and pasta are very good also. If you reserve a dinner, they will make a specified pasta as you want.

Camino de Sant…

And don’t miss going to Castrillo de los Polvarares just a 30 minute walk from the Albergue! It’s a 16th century village that’s restored and it’s like stepping into a time machine. Just take a right from the Albergue and the road takes you straight to the village. Exiting the village you go back to the Camino green track quickly… only adds maybe 1/2 miles to your journey but it’s well worth!
Prettiest village I’ve seen on the Camino so far! Do it!!!

Camino de Sant…

Really loved this albergue. Quiet, clean, single beds spaced far apart, cotton linens, separate bathroom and a kind hospitalero who runs a tidy and meticulous dorm.