Calzadilla de los Hermanillos

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Calzadilla de los Hermanillos



The Road

The camino from Calzadilla once went directly to Mansilla de la Mulas, bypassing Reliegos. The route proved to be less desirable than going first to Reliegos which is close enough. The split occurs 1km before arriving at Reliegos and there may still exist conflicting arrows: to get to Reliegos keep straight at a four-way intersection or to go to Mansilla turn right. Both routes are the same distance to Mansilla.

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We were very happy with our twin rooms at Via Trajana. All the staff there were so kind and friendly. They did not get frustrated with our poor Spanish. The breakfast of bacon and eggs was superb!!

Camino de Sant…

The small grocery shop is open in the morning and evening.
On Saturday, the bar/restaurant opened at 1pm.

Camino de Sant…

What an amazingly lovely albergue! Clean and cozy rooms, no bunk beds (at least in our room of five), spotless bathrooms, delicious food in the restaurant, and the hostess and host are beyond amazing! Highly recommend Albergue Via Trajana!

Camino de Sant…

No bars for breakfast are open as of 21 Sept 2020. Small supermarket open from 10am - 2pm.
If you start from Sahagun either have breakfast there or choose the other route next to the motorway or bring enough snacks