Castilla y León / Burgos

Camino Frances

Castilla y León / Burgos

Here you leave La Rioja behind and enter into Castilla y León, the largest of Spain’s autonomous communities. It is comprised of nine provinces, of which you have just entered Burgos. Along the Camino Francés, you will also pass through Palencia and León before leaving Castilla y León. The other 6 provinces (Salamanca, Zamora, Valladolid, Avila, Segovia, and Soria) are all part of one camino or another as they cross central Spain.

Just like La Rioja, you will continue to pass through villages with less than a two hundred (often less than one hundred) residents.

Burgos also marks the start of the Meseta, Spain’s central plateau and the breadbasket of the peninsula. The average elevation here is close to 800m and the weather can vary drastically from hot days to bone-chilling nights.

While the next 300km have a reputation for being flat and boring they are anything but.

It is here, at elevation and with wide open skies that the camino begins to work on your mind.

City Map