Villamartín Grande

Camino del Norte

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Villamartín Pequeño


Villamartín Grande




There is one bar in town, on your right when you get to the top. Friendly owners eager to help pilgrims.

The Road

After passing the small shop and lodging (friendly and helpful owners) the camino crosses the LU-P-6103, following the sign in the direction of Gondán; a downhill walk along a paved road.

City Map


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I was unable to find any accommodations between Ribadeo and Lourenza. Plan accordingly.

Camino de Sant…

The hosts are absolutely lovely! They literally bend over backwards to help us. I was ill and needed to get a taxi to Lourenza to catch a bus to Santiago. The host helped me contact the taxi drivers and told me to wait anywhere in the house until 1pm for the pickup. Really really lovely people. The rooms are also absolutely clean and warm. The dinner at €15 was a lovely vegetable soup, seafood paella and a milk pudding.

Camino de Sant…

Stop for a coffee!

Camino de Sant…

Great place to stay. Very clean. Offer dinner at night and breakfast in the morning. Very helpful hosts. It also offers a small cafe and store for those who are just passing through.

Camino de Sant…

Called here in May 2022 and the bar and shop is definitely OPEN

Camino de Sant…

Bar and Shop are closed. Next possibilities for food and drink at “A Curva”