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The camino beyond Boimorto splits into three distinct routes before each joins the Camino Francés. All three re-join near the Lavacolla airport. From A Gándara you have to choose between two options, the third option is a derivation of one of the two.

When choosing between the options consider that the Camino Francés may be quite busy depending on the season; relative to the Camino del Norte there are a great deal more pilgrims on the way.

All distances shown are from A Gándara to San Paio, which is the first village after the Lavacolla airport. The number in [brackets] is the distance remaining to Santiago.

The NEW OFFICIAL ROUTE - 28.3 [40.7]

The new official route goes from A Gándara directly to Lavacolla where it joins the Camino Francés; this is the shortest route to Santiago.

There are very little services along the way (a few bars, and one Pension) and no albergues as of yet. Be prepared for a long day, and follow the AC-0603 straight out of town.

The OLD OFFICIAL ROUTE - 35.8 [48.2]

The old route to rejoin the Camino Francés in Arzúa  is still marked and still walkable. It is the longer of the two options but has a lot more services to offer because it reaches the Camino Francés sooner.

To follow this route, turn left at the end of A Gándara to follow the AC-0602 in the direction of Arzua.

You will pass the hamlet of Sendelle along the way.

To Arzua is 9.7km.

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The new official route is well way marked and you only join the masses at Santiago airport. This makes it a more peaceful route at the end of the Norte or Primitivo. We stayed in Lavacolla and arrived in Santiago in plenty of time for Mass the following day.