Camino del Norte

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Tapia de Casariego

The Road

Approximately 5.5km after La Caridad, after passing through Porcía, the camino again splits. Ahead are two distinct routes to Figueras, the last town in Asturias.

NOTE: The town of Figueras, with all the services, is technically along the southern route but not far from the end of the northern route. The albergue on the other hand is located on the northern route, not far from the southern route.

Option 1: Via Tapia de Casariego near coast - 15.2

The northern route takes you through Tapia de Casariego along the coast. To follow it keep straight at the fork, do not at any point cross back over the N-634.

Option 2: Via Tol - 13.4

The southern route takes you through four small towns and ends at the river town of Figueras where it rejoins the northern option. To take this route, turn left at the junction to cross over the N-634.

City Map