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San Paio de Diomondi



The long anticipated albergue of Diomondi has now opened!

The little hamlet of Diomondi has a jewel of a Romanesque church, San Pelagio de Diomondi. It is an architectural highlight of this Camino. The church is easy to find. When you come to the modern bench and shelter, the Camino begins its descent. To see the church, just stay on the road for a few meters. The thousand-year-old cow heads carved above the side doors are a sweet salute to the creatures in the fields all around. After many years of scaffolding, the episcopal palace attached to the church seems to have been repaired. We have no information about possible visiting hours, however.

The Road

At the shelter, the Camino leaves the road and turns to the left, beginning to descend the many switchbacks of the codos (elbows) of Belesar, a 2.5 km stretch of steep, broken pavement with remnants of the old Roman Road. The 17th century chronicler of his route home from Santiago on the Invierno noted that the bridge and path were named after a Roman Captain named Belisario, apparently in charge of the construction of the bridge.

The path zig-zags from the forest into the vineyards, down to the river itself. This descent can be hard on the knees; hiking poles would help a lot. The path down to the river is marked with the GR red and white blazes. Don’t worry about the lack of arrows.

City Map
Accommodation in San Paio de Diomondi


Camino de Sant…

I can only confirm this, the accommodation is good but there's no utensils in the kitchen. However if you take a good lunch on your way here at Torre Vilariño, you should be fine with some snacks you bring with you.
There is a possibility to wash your clothes now here, didn't need it but I was asked if I wanted to wash. Also there's municipal wifi network, although you can't register with foreign phone number unfortunately.
This albergue doesn't seem to be popular since I was the only one in the whole building, and it was the same with another pilgrim on the previous day.

Camino de Sant…

Good facilities and comfortable bed. But no food anywhere near. Host told us to bring it with us, both dinner and breakfast. No coffee, no kitchen pans or utensils. We were also very cold. Hope this new albergue can serve others well!

Camino de Sant…

Catina de Mean will pick up pilgrims for lunch or dinner which is served in a 200 year old farm house-locally sourced ingredients. Meals are traditional of what would have been served in farm house restaurants across Spain in years past. Owners offer amazing hospitality! Highly recommended!