Modúbar de la Cuesta → 3.70km → Modúbar de San Cibrián → 3.60km → Los Ausines
To Santiago: 

In San Cibrian you find the Casa Rural la Cerca, your stay for the first night. Priced at 30 Euros + food, ca. 15 Euros. Rooms have bathtub. Nice garden. Dinner. You decide what you want to have for dinner in cooperation with the friendly and talkative hostess Mauri Rodrigo. Great company, and good food here. For booking (preferably a day or two in advance), contact Mauri at phone no. 637 853 566.

Real beer from the tap here. A relief.

The Road: 

From here, the road is well marked all the way to Covarubbias, with a few exeptions described in this guide.

On your way just out of San Cibrian there is a small sign that is easy to overlook, especially in the dark. Take right. The same after ca. 1 km. more. So far, the way is wellmarked. Right before Los Ausines you pass a chapel, then it is down to Los Ausines. Upon arrival here, there are no markers. I have spoken about this to the Tourist Office in Covarrubias, who said they would notify the proper authorities to get it fixed. In Los Ausines, there is a non-functional fountain. And nothing more.



Accommodation in Modúbar de San Cibrián

Casa Rural


Casa Rural la Cerca
Casa Rural
Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Casa Rural la Cerca