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Medical Center

The cultural gem of this detour is the Monastery of Vairão (with an albergue).

The Road

Shortly before arriving at the Monastery the camino turns left sharply. Follow that road 500m, and turn right onto a trail through the forest.

Where the forest ends turn right, and at the next big road (N318), turn left again into Vilarinho.

City Map
Accommodation in Vairão


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I booked a private room, however I was placed in a room of 12, 10 were men. Personally, I found this a little confronting especially when one became aggressive in tone after far too much wine. I struggle with sleep and his snoring was so loud many of the other men were also kept awake. However, the hosts were fantastic, the food was great and company of others in the awesome setting made it a nice option. The hostess even offered to collect me as it was late in the day when I arrived. If you enjoy the communal rooms, I recommend this option.

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We too had a Tower room with a view! Calm, cool, clean everything that makes arrival a relief. 10€ is basic; a little more for sheets, and the showers are located on every floor - use whichever. Had no problem for toilet or washroom never ran into anyone else using it at the same time!!

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When I arrived I was offered a room in the tower for a little extra-€15, which was great as bedding was provided & I almost had the bathroom to myself too.
The view was lovely & a great breakfast for €3.50.
I guess that the albuergue wasn’t full, hence my good luck.

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This was our first stop after leaving Porto and our first night ever in an Alburque - Pepe was an amazingly helpful host and the other guests were wonderful. We walked to the little local market and got stuff to cook a simple pasta dinner.

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There was no one there to explain what to do and it was the first night on the Camino. We read signs & picked a bed. It is very beautiful.

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My husband, myself, and our 1 year old son walked in out of the rain and were greeted with Hot tea, a private family room for $30 eu. They then fed us a hot meal of chicken, soup, tasty cucumber/tomatoes salad, bread with cheese, soda, beer, gave us coffee and dessert and toys for our son. It’s a beautiful and clean space with beautiful grounds to walk around. A store and restaurant not too far away as well. This is our second day on the Camino and we our in love with the warm hospitality.

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Dormi no mosteiro, muito bom