Ribeira de Alcalamouque

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Ribeira de Alcalamouque




This gravel path is part of an old Roman road, and the arrows have disappeared. Just keep on straight. When it arrives at a paved road, turn left. But DO NOT stay on this road all the way back to the N347. The arrow is gone, but the track to the right is the one you want. That curve in the paved road is 300m from the visible N347, so if you get as far as the main road, you can either retrace your steps or walk the N347 into town.

The Road

Keep on the N347 out of town. This road leads directly to Rabaçal, but the camino enjoys a parallel path.

Just out of town turn right onto a track that is directly opposite the road towards Vale Florido. Shortly after turn left just before a cluster of buildings, and 150m later turn left once more.

You are now paralleling the N347 that you left just a short while ago and the trail will take you to Rabaçal.

City Map


Camino de Sant…

Slight variation on the camino signs to the electronic map. It is good to avoid road walking but seemed to take a long way around to reach Ribeira de Alcalamouque. The road after R de Alcalamouque is very straightforward and easy by comparison